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“We want The Farmhouse to be a really cozy and comfortable place.  We want to bring a feeling of togetherness and community to Downingtown.” 


Dana Petrizzio, Founder

via The Daily Local

"I grew up in a large Italian family. Everything was based around coffee and cake, ya know? That’s what Pete and I want for this area. Downingtown can use a place where families and couples can hang out—where businesspeople can go to escape the office, conduct a meeting, interview a client or just work on a project and answer emails.”


Dana Petrizzio via The Town Dish

"The Farmhouse will have a really good hometown feeling to it.  The concept for The Farmhouse comes from our own kitchen providing customers with a place to gather, connect and enjoy coffee and treats."


Pete Petrizzio, Owner

via The Daily Local

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